Psychometric Assessment Services
Identifying those people best able to help your organisation achieve business objectives is essential for success. A proven part of successful recruitment and selection, psychometric assessment is also recognised as a fundamental component for improving organisational effectiveness thorough the objective identification of relevant training and development needs as well as more accurate succession planning/promotion and outplacement.
From the most senior managerial and executive level positions to graduate and more junior roles, we can tailor specific combinations of psychometric tests to meet your needs including:
  • Reasoning Capabilities (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning)
  • Personality Profiles including Management, Leadership and Team styles
  • Technical test batteries
  • Assessment Centres (e.g. In-Tray exercises, role plays, individual and group exercises)
    Practical and comprehensive individual profiles are customised to accurately assess target competencies and other desired qualities. These include personality, intellectual and technical ability and potential, plus management, leadership and team styles.
    Our solutions revolve around highly reliable, validated and well renowned psychometric tests that have been normed against specific job roles as opposed to general populations or wide generic job groups. We will work closely with you to identify your particular needs as well as the most appropriate tests and methodologies to assess them.
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